Australian citizenship at age 10

You can apply for evidence of Australian citizenship if you were born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986 and have usually resided in Australia until the age of 10.

You do not need to be in Australia on your 10th birthday, but will need to show evidence of usually residing until your 10th birthday. For example, provide certified copies of your:

  • full birth certificate
  • passport photo page
  • school reports
  • vaccination records
  • travel records
  • membership of sporting, cultural or community groups

Please note

The term usually residing is not defined, but an average no more than 90 days outside Australia per year would be a good guideline.

If you have not usually resided in Australia until your 10th birthday you may be able to apply for a Resident Return Visa or the New Visa for New Zealanders. Alternatively, you may be able to be sponsored by your parent.

You will need to include certified copies of your supporting documents such as birth certificates and passports with your application. Do not post original documents.

Dual citizenship

New Zealand citizens who are granted Australian citizenship automatically become dual citizens. Australian citizens must depart and enter Australia on an Australian passport. Once overseas you can travel on your New Zealand passport.

Processing times

Evidence of Australian citizenship applications are generally processed with 5 – 12 days.


The application fee for evidence of Australian citizenship is $190.

Application form

Evidence of Australian citizenship application form


For more information refer to Evidence of Australian citizenship on the Department of Immigration website.

If your child is not an Australian citizen from birth apply for NZ citizenship by descent.

Check to see if your child acquired Australian citizenship at birth.

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