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This page addresses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about New Zealanders eligibility for a permanent visa, Australian citizenship etc.

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What is the new permanent visa (189) for New Zealanders?

How can I become an Australian citizen?

Do I need to reside as a permanent resident for four years before applying for citizenship?

Will university fees be increased in 2018?

Will New Zealanders have to pay Capital Gains Tax when selling their home?


What do I need to know before moving to Australia?

I have been living in Australia since before 26 February 2001. Do I have a visa? Am I a permanent resident?

Am I eligible for the Aged Pension or NZ Superannuation?

I’ve been arrested/sentenced to prison will my visa be cancelled?

Can my child become an Australian citizen at age 10?

Can I apply for Australian citizenship by descent?

My child was born in Australia, are they an Australian citizen by birth?

What are my options for becoming an Australian citizen?

Do I need to be a Permanent Resident for four years before applying for citizenship?

Can I become an Australian citizen through my parents or grandparents?

How do I apply for Australian citizenship?

What is a Certificate of Status for New Zealanders in Australia (CSNZCA)?

What is a Certificate of Australian Residence?

Should Protected Special Category Visa-holders apply for citizenship before 1 October 2017?

Can I receive any Centrelink payments? Contact Centrelink International Services.

Can Permanent Residents claim Centrelink payments?

Can my non-New Zealand partner or child get an Australian visa (461)?

What can I do if I’m going to be deported?

Can New Zealanders be dual citizens?

What is an Eligible New Zealand Citizen?

Can New Zealanders get a HELP loan?

Am I eligible for Medicare?

Can you recommend a migration agent?

How do I make a complaint about a migration agent?

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

Can New Zealanders access services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

What is the new permanent visa (189) for New Zealanders (available from 1 July 2017)?

How do to apply for the new permanent visa for New Zealanders (189)? Am I eligible for an income exemption?

How do I renew or apply for a New Zealand passport?

Can my Australian-born child become a New Zealand citizen?

Can my child become a NZ citizen if I am a NZ citizen by descent?

What happens if my child cannot become a citizen of either parent’s country?

Can I apply for a Permanent Visa?

How long will it take for my visa or citizenship application to be processed?

What is a Protected Special Category Visa (PSCV)?

What is a Resident Return Visa (RRV)?

Am I eligible for a Resident Return Visa?

How do I apply for a Resident Return Visa?

Do I need to renew my Resident Return Visa?

How do I obtain my travel records?

Can I travel overseas after being granted RRV?

What is the RRV travel capacity?

I recently travelled overseas. How do I confirm I still hold a permanent visa?

Should I apply for a Resident Return Visa or the new NZ 189 visa for New Zealanders?

How can I find the date I first came to Australia?

How are Australians in New Zealand treated?

What is a Special Category Visa (SCV)?

Can I sponsor my child?

Can I sponsor my partner?

Can I access my Australian Superfund due to financial hardship?

Can I transfer funds between my Australian Superfund and KiwiSaver?

What can I do if my visa is cancelled?

What is VEVO?

Can I look up my visa status?

What is my visa status in Australia?


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