The new permanent visa for New Zealanders has a name!


The Dept of Home Affairs has been informed about the issues you have raised with us in relation to the 189 (NZ) Stream Visa application process.

See the update on Visa 189 (NZ) Stream.

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19 May 2017

The new permanent visa for New Zealanders, available from 1 July 2017, is called the Skilled Independent 189 (New Zealand) Stream.

To be eligible for the new permanent visa, the primary applicant must:

  • be a non-protected Special Category Visa-holder; and
  • have commenced residing in Australia on or before 19 February 2016; and
  • have usually resided for the last five years immediately prior to applying; and
  • have either earned the taxable income threshold OR meet the criteria for an income exemption; and
  • meet the standard health, character and security checks.

The primary applicant can include their partner and dependent children on the application. Partners and children only need to meet the health, character and security checks.

After the 1 July 2017 you can apply online by creating an ImmiAccount.

Applicants can apply for citizenship after one year as this visa is exempt from the proposed citizenship changes.

Please note

The taxable income threshold is $51,000 for the 2012/2013 financial year, subsequent years are $53,900.

If the primary applicant does not meet the income threshold/income exemption criteria they cannot apply.

Find out more

Applying for the new permanent visa (189)


RRV or the new visa option?

More information about the additional pathway to permanent residence is available on the Department of Immigration website.

Protected Special Category Visa-holders can apply directly for citizenship subject to meeting the residency and character requirements.

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Email the 189 (NZ) stream processing team, phone the Department of Home Affairs on 13 18 81 or contact them via social media. Please do not provide your personal details on a public forum.

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