Form 80 – personal details and character assessment

Immigration Form 80
Date last modified: 13 November 2018

In recent years the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), formerly the Department of Immigration, has placed more emphasis on security and background checks.

Oz Kiwi recommends that anyone aged 18 or over complete Form 80 – Personal particulars including character assessment when applying for a visa or citizenship. Although, Home Affairs may request anyone aged 16 or over complete the form. Even though the form captures the same details as the online application, DHA specifically want a signed document. Keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

Anyone one aged 17 should complete Form 80 if they will turn 18 while their visa or citizenship application is being processed.

Attach a separate statement if the form does not provide enough space for all the necessary information. Include your full name and contact details on the separate statement.

Form 80 is designed for people who are applying to migrate to Australia and doesn’t take into account that the applicant may have been residing for a number of years. The form asks for:

  • personal, contact and travel document details
  • travel movements for the last 10 years
  • all employment and unemployment details, from birth, including gaps or breaks between employment
  • all tertiary education and qualifications
  • character assessment questions
  • family member’s details, including any who are deceased.

Ensure you have certified copies of photo ID for all family members applying for a visa or citizenship.

Completing the form

27 Give details of your arrival in Australia

Provide the date you commenced residing in Australia.

34 Are you currently in Australia? [Yes] Give details of current visa

New Zealanders reside on the Special Category Visa (SCV TY444). The place of issue is the airport at which you entered Australia, and the date or your most recent entry.

35 Have you been to Australia before? [Yes] Give details of previous visas

If you have visited multiple times attach your travel records.

36 Character and criminal convictions

All criminal convictions, including historical, “spent” or minor sentences, must be declared when applying for a visa or citizenship. Failing to do so will see your application declined. You will fail the character requirements if you have been sentenced to 12 months or more in prison, including historical offending or multiple short sentences totalling more than 12 months. A suspended sentence, ie no jail time was served, is still a prison sentence.


Any applicants who have previously lived in New Zealand when aged over 16 should also provide a New Zealand police records check (valid for six monthsand Ministry of Justice Consent to Disclosure of Information.

Download Form 80

Download and print Form 80 – Personal particulars including character assessment from the Department of Home Affairs website.


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The above “Form 80 – personal details and character assessment” information should not be relied on as an alternative to advice from the Department of Home Affairs, or a professional immigration services provider.

If you have any specific questions about an immigration matter, you should consult the Department of Home Affairs or a professional immigration services provider.

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