Oz Kiwi is refocusing

Oz Kiwi is scaling back to refocus on our campaign for New Zealanders rights in Australia. (Photo: Getty Images)

Oz Kiwi is scaling things back for the rest of the year. Our small team of volunteers are burnt out after six years of advocating for New Zealanders rights in Australia. Supporters might notice less activity on our Facebook page and website.

We need to refocus on our campaign for a fair pathway to citizenship for all New Zealanders in Australia. We currently spend much of our time repeatedly answering the same questions about visa and citizenship eligibility.

Oz Kiwi will continue to work behind the scenes with MP’s and Senators from across the political spectrum, and respond to any relevant new legislation or government inquires.

Have a question?

Help Oz Kiwi by reading our website FAQs before contacting us. The majority of your questions are addressed. In particular, you can find information about eligibility criteria and how to apply for the:

  • Resident Return Visa
  • New Zealand 189 Visa
  • Australian citizenship

You can also look up visa and citizenship information on the Department of Home Affairs website. This includes what happens After you apply, such as processing times and travel restrictions.

Government agencies

Centrelink International Services

WINZ International Services

New Zealand High Commission

The New Zealand High Commission (NZHC) does a lot of work on behalf of Kiwis living in Australia. They can advise and assist on many issues. Look up the NZHC’s contact details.

Visa cancellation

If a family member is facing deportation please contact the New Zealand High Commission (NZHC). If they have had their visa cancelled and would like to appeal complete the Request for Assistance form on this page.

Help Oz Kiwi

Are you impacted by the 2001 changes?

Want to help improve New Zealanders rights in Australia?

Contact your Federal MP or Senator, they represent you, even if you cannot vote. Some tools to help you:


Oz Kiwi is run by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations. Please consider donating to help Oz Kiwi lobby on behalf of New Zealanders living in Australia.

Thank you for your support.

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