Help raise awareness of the issues

Oz Kiwi is campaigning for the fair treatment of New Zealanders living in Australia. The additional pathway to citizenship, announced on 19th February, is a positive improvement. However, Oz Kiwi needs your help more than ever.

Some Australians, including politicians, are unaware of the issues faced by New Zealanders who reside in Australia as a special category visa-holder (SCV).

Talk to your friends, neighbours and colleagues about the issues too. They may not realise that Special Category Visa holders aren’t permanent residents, or know the issues faced by those residing long-term on a “temporary” visa.

How you can help

Contact your Federal MP, Senator and election candidates. Ask what their position is on the issues faced by New Zealanders in Australia. You can:

  • write to them using our Writing to your MP letter template
  • meet with them, or a staff member, at their electorate office
  • speak to them at a mobile office or public event
  • call their electorate office or Parliament House office
  • message them via email or their website
  • post a comment on their Facebook or Twitter

What issues concern you?


Australian Defence Force eligibility

New Zealanders are unable to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF), even if they have served in the New Zealand military.

Fair pathway to citizenship

Only half of all non-protected SCV New Zealanders residing in Australia are ineligible for the new pathway.

HELP loans eligibility

The government estimates that only 2,500 New Zealanders currently meet the eligibility criteria.

NDIS eligibility

Approximately 250,0000 New Zealanders pay the NDIS levy, but cannot access the scheme.



Download our Writing to your MP letter template

Download our follow up letter template if you get no reply or no clear answer your questions

Find your Federal electorate

Find the contact details for a Federal MP or Senator

Include a copy of the Oz Kiwi Rights Comparison Table March 2016 with your letter or email

Include a copy of the Oz Kiwi Policy Options Paper with your letter or email